Three Posts Using the Word Vernacular

Hey Dear Fellow bloggers, hope your week is going fine. Here is my next attempt to write three different posts using the word “Vernacular” –  A Thought, a poem, and a flash fiction. I am providing links to all the three posts below. Let me know your views and thoughts.

Always appreciate your presence here. Stay Charming and Beautiful.

Vernacular – A Thought

The way she weaves her thoughts exuding her unfading warmth and then she topped it with her eastern vernacular charm

Vernacular – A Poem(1/2)

I inferred I was in love
but unsure what drew me towards her
until that moment
when she accosted me
softly whispering her vernacular syllables
like some melodious vibes floating
in a blue moon night

Vernacular – A Poem(2/2)

The pleasure of getting acquainted with a multitude of culture
learning the vernacular ways to bond
the depth of cultural brilliance
the aroma of gratifying love

Memories for a lifetime
learned traits to survive in a storm

Traveling gives such thoughts
and many more to treasure
to remember the yonder
and smile merrily when I am alone

Vernacular – A Flash Fiction 

Lost in an alien land, unaware of the chaos, exotic surroundings, he treaded his prudent steps with skepticism.  To add to his anxiety, the terrain inhabited trail was not helping the cause. Then it happened in a  trice, he slipped in, getting trapped in a ditch. He screamed, flustered and became hapless. The more he tried more he got entangled in the quagmire. Hunger, thirst, anger, and desperation consumed his senses and after hours of struggle, he surrendered to his fate. 

And then he heard a soothing voice coming from a faraway place. At first, he thought it is a hallucination and when she spoke again the reality sunk in him. All the apprehensions, threats and anxieties washed away, for he now was lost in her doe eyes and vernacular talks. Maybe he knew he was not in an alien sacred land any more 

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