Foregone Dreams


She wrote her dreams,
the big ones,
the small ones,
the plausible grails,
and the impossible fantasies,
with fluorescent ink,
in a diary, which she kept
always next to her
and she scrawled for years
without looking into the journal once

Decades had passed,
eons rolled up,
and with time
the dreams gradually faded away,

How in the beginning
she scribbled those wishes restlessly,
but as time went by
the pipe dreams drizzled away,
and now the dreams lay insentient
never remembered,
long forgotten,
like some yore of the past
lost in the darkness
of a rusty briefcase
stashed in the attic of a dilapidated house

And then one day
as she was cleaning the garret
she found her long lost diary
all dusty and wearing grime
in some corner
obscured in oblivion

She pulled it out with trembling hands
and rummaged the scrap…

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