The Problem in Venezuela And Why The US Must Fix It – The Venezuela Debate

My son has posted after a while. This is one of the topic he debated during NJ state championship


Hyperinflation, climbing hunger, disease, crime and death rates, massive emigration, and countless other troubles fill Venezuela today. “Lives are at risk because we do not have enough supplies,” Carlos Montiel, president of the Venezuelan Red Cross in the western state of Zulia, said. The United States of America is the only country that has the power to solve Venezuela’s problems, so they should definitely intervene to make Venezuela a better country again. 

In this short post, a few significant and essential reasons for the United States to intervene will be summarized. There is no reason to stop the United States, they are only bringing more good to Venezuela.

If the United States of American intervenes to help Venezuela, they will be able to propose more aids and sanctions to the South American Country. Citizens in Venezuela lost an average 24 pounds in 2017. The numbers continue to escalate. 90%…

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