Aplomb – A Flash Fiction

The kids in her class were loud and mischievous, creating ruckus every moment of the day. As if the uprooting from her country was not enough. She missed her friends, school, and everything that reminded of her beautiful home town. Now caught in a delirious setup, she put a defiant shield on her smile, like armor and kept her interaction with her alien world to a minimum.

Few miscreants took offense of her silence and never missed a chance to tease her. And then one day they took it to the extreme. While climbing stairs she was deliberately pushed down. She tumbled and fell with bruises all over her body. But she didn’t let her aplomb fade away and got to her feet swiftly. Her football coach, who saw the episode, rushed to her and promised to take harsh action against the culprits, but to everyone’s surprise, she didn’t utter a word against her classmates. She put forth her aplomb face and mentioned it was an accident. That day she made many a friend and her new world after all was not strange anymore.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

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