Impromptu Visit to NYC

So, yesterday was the 4th of July. We had many plans but had poor execution. Our first plan was to go up in the mountains in Poconos. Hiking, rafting, treetop climbing, seemed too exciting and we booked a nice looking secluded house through Airbnb. We were all set to go on the 3rd evening but the owner responded with a regretful message. Though disappointed, the last minute booking on a long weekend was often hard to find. We looked for other options but couldn’t find anything charming so ditched the effort.

My daughter was disheartened and we did an impromptu plan to go to NYC. Our first pit stop was American Girl Doll Store by Rockefeller Center. They have a newly renovated store and it was an amazing visit. The dolls, the accessories and the setup was such a treat to the eyes. My daughter picked up a few accessories and upon my query of why she was not looking at the dolls, she smiled and told in her harmonious tone, “I already have one.” She behaved like a good kid and I told her she can get another one. She asked me twice if I was sure, for the dolls were expensive and I said I am positive. So, she got her new doll and some accessories and we left the place in a blithe mood.

Right next to the dollhouse was the Parley Media center Museum, the baseball legends statues were a treat to watch and we clicked a few pictures for memories. From there we headed to Time Square. The family did some shopping and by the time we were ready for food, all the places were closed. We were baffled but then soon realized it was the 4th of July so, most of the restaurants closed early. My iWatch displayed a 6.6 Miles of the walk. Finally, we settled for street food and headed back home. It was a great outing. Here are some pics.

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25 thoughts on “Impromptu Visit to NYC”

  1. Love this😍great pics👍and you are very lucky to have such a thoughtful😇little girl, she sounds like she has a beautiful soul. 💜

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