The Creeping Shadow


Hiding behind the curtains of the dilapidated room
she hoped he wouldn’t notice her,
the heaving from the recent escape hadn’t stop
and her snuffle was breaking the monotony of the assumed silence

It was cold as hell,
but the beads of sweat
were fast covering her temple,
pulled by the gravity
finding its way
rolling down her nose
and her perspiring visage,
tickling her on its descend

She dared to raise her hand to rest her sensation,
and during the tussle with her mind, unaware,
in an attempt to put her urge to rest
she scratched her countenance
and in the process
she made the table next to her wobble

The empty goblet on the table rushed down,
and before she could comprehend
it crashed mercilessly on the ground
shattering to million pieces
making a few shards pierced her skin,
and the unruly blood dripped on the floor

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