An Abstruse Smile


She is not from this world,
or from the universe at large,
for her deviant soul
like some transient whiff
is there one moment
and in another, she disappears

Like a touch of brilliance,
or some hazy occult,
she leaves behind
traces of abstruseness
for the anxious souls
to remain bereaved and despair

And no matter what words,
or elixir draped proses,
or artistic rendition one displays,
she cannot be caged
in any poetic desires that one may wish

And for the few
who are fortunate to have her sight
she is never enough for the eyes
for before one can consume her aura
or open their heart to let her immerse
she disappears in such momentary trice
lost in the oblivion of some beguile disguise

But when she smiles
she leaves behind for eternity
her desirous stupor,
and spark of million thunderous bolt

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