Divine Love

In life, we often get drawn towards people, and the allure and the lure make us fall in love, not that we plan it that way but mostly it turns out to be transient, surviving only a few seasons of bloom.

Then when we expect the least, we meet an aberrant soul, someone who is mysteriously different, reticently enticing, enigmatically desirous, and before we know we intricately connect, which never breaks despite testing times. In a momentary trice, to our surprise, the world changes, drawing us into a seance, and a beacon of uncalled attraction looms our mind, our heart, our existence as if the soul has found an anchor to repose its listless soul. And no matter what the universe states or there is void of reciprocation to our longings, we remain in blithe regardless.

The indifferent demeanor, harshness, or sheer no acceptance of love, strangely proves insignificant, for our ardor will triumph all such trifling thoughts. We may not realize, but just to spend a few moments of togetherness, we wait for a lifetime, without remorse, without prejudice, for everything we do is for the happiness of that person, and what we get in return becomes frivolous over time.

And one who experiences such divine love is most fortunate, regardless of what they get out of such an ardent love.

Copyright Β© Shantanu Baruah

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