An Overthinking Mind

The most bizarre thing I have ever witnessed is an overthinking mind, labyrinth of veins storing millions of thoughts, perturbations, desires, and hopes, all competing to get its share of attention.  The mind’s queer anomaly has myriad outré demeanor, for when we want to drift away from a thought, it keeps resurfacing it, making its own stature go berserk, creating an emotional convolution, brewing a deadly potion.

Then there are scholars, authoritarian, and savants who have put a plethora of well thought out work on how to calm such fleeting thoughts and the burning cravings of an obnoxious mind. But despite such oracle’s wisdom, I often wonder, how many of such scholarly dignitaries have fallen in love? more so betrayed? even worse, left hanging with a yearning heart? For if they have, I am sure a few shades of insanity would have sprinkled over their otherwise erudite work.

Oh, by the way, that broken heart, if you don’t know, is nothing but the juxtaposition of emotions that flirts with a rational mind.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

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