Southwest Airlines – A Pleasant Surprise


What was I thinking?

This week my travel started on Monday. I was in San Antonio until today. According to my original itinerary, I was going back home tonight only to travel tomorrow morning to Raleigh for a day trip. I should have gone to Raleigh directly from San Antonio, but for reasons unknown, I chose to spend the night at home(4 hours give or take). Now you know why I said what I said in my opening sentence.

Anyways, today morning I realize it was bad planning, especially when I am going on vacation this Saturday( Yay I am going to London for a week 😊😊). So, at the 11th hour, I called my travel desk to do some itinerary juggling. They were kind enough to deal with my request but here was the problem, I was booked in Southwest Airlines from San Antonio to Raleigh via Atlanta.


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