Yesterday I was at the Apple store for a quick purchase. I exactly knew what I wanted and waited to see a salesperson. If you have been to an Apple store you would know, for they don’t have the concept of traditional queues. Sales agents walk up to you, do the necessary consultation and you get what you need right where you are.

So, I waited for someone to show up but the shop was crowded. I approached an agent who in turn directed me to a gentleman who apparently was putting people in an electronic queue. I had to wait for over twenty minutes to see someone.

On my way back home, I wondered what Apple would have done to reach this level of brand recognition and sales. Mind you, it was the middle of the day on a Monday. Not even a weekend. Rightfully, Apple was the first company to reach the trillion-dollar market cap and I personally made decent money trading its stock ๐Ÿ˜Š

If I ever venture into making a product, I know what standard I will aspire for. A below capture of the Bridgewater mall newly designed Apple store

PS. while I waited, my customer experience never went down. For the auto-reminder updated me about my wait time

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