Love Versions


Whenever I thought you are out of reach
never to become a reality,
and when I moved along with your memories
treasured deep in my heart
faraway into some oblivion

She decides to appear,
wearing her love drenched twinkling eyes,
and let me know what I mean to her life,
she will describe her love as deeper than I can ever imagine,
may not be the same way as I do
but it sure has its own shades of hue,
she will acknowledge
how temperamental, unpredictable and abstruse she is
and thank me for putting up to her pretentious trite

I may have thought ways to refute it in the past,
on my mind,
I might have played to refuse
her enticing demeanor many a time,
but when she appears with those heartening words
all my agitation, perturbation
dissolves in a whiff

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12 thoughts on “Love Versions”

  1. Love is love, that is the only. When two people paths cross who are in love. There are no bias for they embrace one another. It is said and shown through a language of their own. Known and interrupted. There is a strong bond, a connection between them which is magnetic, drawing them together. Two hearts ignited, in sync one with the other. A love grow, dancing in step, a Waltz. Shantanu your transparency is heartfelt and beautifully expressed. Thanks so much for sharing. 💜

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