A night in the woods…….

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Hi guys! Welcome back! Sorry I have not posted since August but I was really busy. Last weekend I went to 1 of my friends house for a bonfire. When we were roasting marshmallows all of us were telling scary stories. There was a contest of who had the better story? Guess what! I won! Today I will be sharing that story with you.

4 kids were entering a campsite. The oldest kid was a bully. Two kids were twins. The twins were brave and kindhearted. And the youngest kid was the most wise.

When it was time to roast marshmallows near the camp fire 🔥 the counselor told a story. “There once was a myth about the forest monster. If you look into her eyes she will turn you into stone. I advise you to not go in the forest tonight”

When the kids knew the counselor was sleeping…

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