Mystery 1: Where Have Mr. Harry’s Glasses Gone?

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It was another Monday morning at Westerfeld Middle School. The teachers arrived at 6:30 in the morning, while the students arrived half an hour later. The students sat in before-care, the place they go before class. They were being obnoxiously loud.

One girl shouted, “Oh my god, Mira where did you get the shirt?”

Another one whispered, “Ugh, Brittany’s here.”

Two other girls were talking about their recent skiing trip.

Everyone was in the morning mood, expect for Mr. Harry, who couldn’t find his glasses! He was as blind as a bat without them. He tried asking another teacher for help, but he hit his head on the wall! Suddenly Ms. Prinithy saw poor Mr. Harry.

” John, where are your glasses?” She asked.

“Who are you?” He replied.

“John, I’m Margaret. Need help searching?”

” Oh please Margaret. “

They searched till the bell rang, and had to return…

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