Mira in Coraville Part 1 🔱

Come and read a take on fantasy from my 10 year old daughter. Appreciate your read


Years have past since the last horrific crisis. Lots of children love listening to this marvelous story, but one girl loved it so much she looked up to Aaron and Linda. Her name was Mira.

This morning her mom was making a French braid when suddenly news came up on the TV.

” It appears that the bad guys are striking again. Don’t worry though because these guys will only capture us if we rise up to the surface. See y’all tomorrow on ACMN.”

Without thinking, young Mira tugged on her mom.

” Ma, what about our school trip? Ms. Adella told us she would bring us up to the surface”

“When?” asked the mother.

“In 3 days,” replied Mira.

” That’s something to ask your teacher, not me Mira,” said Mira’s mom, tying on an elastic band.” Now go to the water stop baby. I’ll see you after school”

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