Should United States Primaries Be Held On The Same Day?

Come and read my Son’s perspective on primaries


The national election is about to roll around, and there are various candidates running, hoping to get a spot as their party’s presidential nominee. Each party has many different candidates trying to gain votes and attention, however, only two of them can make it to the main election. How shall the parties select their nominee?

It is quite simple. In the months leading up to the election, there are specific dates called Primaries. Voters gather on primary dates to select who they would like to elect as their party’s nominee. There are separate Republican and Democratic Presidential Primaries.

Some major townships hold these primaries. In the current system, each state has its own official date for primaries. There is no national date, so these primary dates are spread out through a few months. Recently, there has been talk to make a nation-wide primary date, in which every state will have…

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