Mira In CoraVille Part 2 🔱 🧜‍♀️

Read the part of the story here. Great job Nitara


Mira sulked all the way home yesterday. Not even Bayou felt like cheering her up.

“Bye Bayou,” said Mira swimming into her house.

“Bye Mira,” shouted Bayou.

When Mira entered the house she saw her mother making lime sorbet.

“How was school dear?” her mother asked. Mira didn’t reply and took a portion of the sorbet. “Dear what’s wrong?” asked her mother

“The school trip is canceled,” she wailed at once. Then Mira swamed( swam+stormed) up to her room. On her way she heard her older sister say “Whats wrong with you woman.” Mira pretended not to hear.

When Mira went to her room, she texted Bayou. Meet me at dock tomorrow. We are going to the surface.

The next day they met. Bayou was as exited as Mira. It took them 20 minutes to reach but when they arose, Mira felt a sudden grasp on her tail.

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