Bright Sides Of Corona Virus

Please read my 13 year old son’s perspective on the current COVID situation


We are living in a historic time, trapped in our homes with fear of a rapidly spreading pestilence. It is a pain having to stay quarantined in our houses, as I love going and traveling to place. My family was planning to go on a road trip to Montreal, Canda, over Spring break, however, those plans had been canceled. My father told me that the Coronavirus epidemic is the most frightening experience he has ever had in his life. While the struggles and tragedies of this virus are horrible, I feel that it is important to look at all the positive outcomes of this Coronavirus. In this article, I will list a few bright sides of the epidemic.

With the fear of catching the disease, people have been taking great precautions to keep themselves clean. They are focused on washing their hands and using hand sanitizer, which is a great…

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