Mira in Coraville Part 3 🧜‍♀️ 🧜‍♂️

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“Mira!” Bayou cried. She saw her best friend go along with the pirates. ” No…. this is all my fault.”

Meanwhile, back at Coraville, Ms. Laguney woke up.

“Good morning Mira” said Ms. Laguney said. Suddenly, she noticed Mira in bed. “Mira?”

Ms. Laguney couldn’t even think about Mira’s disapearence because she got a call from Ms.Lauren, Bayou’s mother.

“Helmie? What do you need?” asked Ms.Laguney.

“Bayou is here and told me that Mira got taken by the pirates. I told the mercops and they sent the searchers. Arnia, do not worry. They will get your daughter back.

“Thanks Helmie. I will take your advice,” promised Ms.Laguney.

Meanwhile Mira got captured. The pirates got her but a hook.

“Ha! We got you!!!” said one pirate. He was the man pulling the hook to the boat. Mira couldn’t fight; if she did the hook will go deeper in. She lay restless.

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