When Hope dies….

Often the world we live in has the shades of grayness like the one described below but then the defiant souls defeat all such ostensible fears. Let me know your thoughts on this piece

The draconian stares made the most fearless soul tremble with fear,
and that smirk on their face had viciousness oozing to the brim,
the gray pewter skies had a devilish charm at the display,
and the cold steel eyes announced the arrival of the ghouls

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5 thoughts on “When Hope dies….”

  1. Is it a poem Shantanu? I like it. In Viktor Frankl’s account of the concentration camp there is a similar image of skies, early morning skies.

    I heard that frogs were dying out. I like frogs. It requires new international agreements to protect them. Then I heard the Russian arctic was at 30 degrees. Like whack-a-mole so many interconnected problems. The diet of news is invariably bad and not solution focussed.

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      1. I am producing zines. One day I hope to produce something book length. If I can work the technology I’ll convert my zine to a pdf format so you can read it on my blog. I’m guessing you are not flying so much? Maybe some parts of the world are open. I looked into going from England to France but too much red tape at the moment.

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