Realities and myths

Don’t trust statistics blindly. This video provides examples on how statistics can be presented in an advantageous or in any disadvantages way, based on how data is shown.While Statistics is a great tool for learning from the past and for defining a future, it is also important to understand the real facts behind it.

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20 thoughts on “Realities and myths”

  1. Very very informative, data analysis is the key to predict any particular event. But, the saddening fact is that this is done on a sample group, which at times deviates the predictions. A few days ago I was reading the same thing happening with the TRP, I guess one-third or maybe less, of the population decide this, and based on this the shows are ranked. Therefore, the point that you raised is very apt, input data matter a lot for getting the right output. At least after watching your video, I won’t be blindly believing in the stats and facts in the near future.

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