In Finnish language there is a word called Sisu. I don’t think there is a English equivalent, but it means strength in the face of great odds. It is a compound of bravado, and bravery, of ferocity and tenacity. That said here are my words for you

As you go through the peaks and turfs of those uncanny thoughts,
as you battle your fears and face those unsaid words,
May Sisu be your guiding light,
and though you may not know,
I know this for sure,
your grit is far stronger than any miscreant fear that you subconsciously bear

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16 thoughts on “Sisu”

  1. Love words from other languages that do not exist in one’s own, yet are for universal concepts. thank you for this one. ‘Fortitude’ in English may be similar, but I agree it doesn’t sound the same.

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