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Your Thoughts

Chisel your thoughts
one at a time,
observe each one
see them grow
as it takes some form

And when you find them
taking some shape
don’t stop,
chisel those thoughts again

Until you see the vibrant sparks
of your true self
in each one of those pearls,
for it is not how you look,
or what you wear,
but your thoughts define you
and your inner self’s flair

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah


Whenever I beseeched glory
to stay close by,
persuaded happiness
to never say goodbye,
whenever I coerced spring
to extend a little longer,
and the summer breeze
to blow a tad stronger
I found it always occurred
when you are not around,
for when you are with me
I am so into you
that spring, fall, winter, summer
or any turn of season
doesn’t bother me

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

To All You Beautiful Women

To my mom, loving wife, my little princess and all dear female friends – wish you all a very happy women’s day. Having you all in my life calls for celebration anytime of the year, but will never miss to wish on your special day. Here is a small dedication to all you beautiful souls ❤️

The epitome of power,
the grit of a gale,
the freedom of larks
the suave of a sail,
the women aura is infectious
a force to reckon
sparks to embrace

And for me,
women give life to my prose,
a reason to feel loved,
a gift of God,
and seldom bail me from remaining in awe
mysterious! sure are they,
and are the reason to keep me curious,
in the darkest of night
or in any sun basked day.

Women for me
Makes the world beautiful
and add that zing
surprising me every day

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Her Frescoed Visage

She appeared
like a retreat
from some imposed disguise
and her glaring shine
permanently frescoed
on her brightened visage
like some shimmering glint
of midnight stars

The world gathered to witness her
for she was that blue blood moon
with a rare sight
twinkling with vigor
on some dark umbra skies

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah