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Thank You – 49 Days Young is 49 Days young and I want to take this moment to thank you all for the love you have showered. Writing is my passion and as they say “One writes for the world to read”. Hence I used this site as a medium to reach out to you all.

I am humbled by the love, affection, and encouragement I got. I posted 45 pieces of content in the last 49 days – got 1971 views, 232 Likes, and 20 memorable comments. The site was viewed from 35 different countries and interestingly I have 35 site followers.

Thank you all for everything and keep providing your love and support to

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An Illusion

Lost in the palaver of her myriad thoughts,
Tarnishing  every dissuasion that suggests leaving you,
remain taciturn to listen to your voice,
Become a vagrant chasing an illusion called you.

I touch your shadow in the soot of the night,
Rummage memories to get your vivid sight,
feel your fragrance from the immemorial times,
Hold your scribbles with words that had rime.

I treasure you like relics from a past world,
Hope incandescent like plumes of love,
Your happiness matter most to me,
And I reel away entwine in my reverie’s swirl.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah