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The world disowned her
left her alone
her character was charred
no mercy was shown

Battered and marred
she didn’t know where to go
hopes were at a dead-end
courage had no life left to show

As she wandered randomly
naked, stripped off her pride
she found a gentle gaze
looking at her with a smile in his eyes

In the beginning, she ignored him
later she tried skimming away from his sight
but his adamant stature was there always
regardless of day or night

She pleaded and screamed
and on few occasions cried
announcing she had nothing to offer
except for roughness and chide

But his aberrant eyes
had a different outlook
he was determined not to leave her
while knowing she was rebuked

And slowly he plucked away
one rough edge at a time
and exposed a new her
devoid of any grime

He made her believe in herself
taught her to regain her charm
made her wear the ignore shield
and the world couldn’t do any more harm

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah


Chained not Defeated

Stripped off of pride
brandished kohl
eviscerated to the bone
battered soul

But despite being in such
moment of despair
she didn’t sway
and she marched forward
collecting fringes of the fray

For she was broken not marred
chained not defeated
and with hope as her lone weapon
and grit as her ammunition
she roared
and soared like a squall
for she had nothing left
to lose at all

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah


Her lament eyes
hid many unfinished tales,
and her silent wail
had shadows of many winding trails.

I gathered some courage
and cultivated some faith
to plunge into her
eyes arduous lanes

Lost in those eyes
was a loving soul
hardened by the darkness
of some toxic kohl

The past had rattled her being
in danger, her eyes were flirting
nursing her pains one at a time
I caressed them with the utmost care
soon her lost glare came back with vigor
Happiness that escaped her finally triggered

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah