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The Unwanted Codicils

Don’t waste time writing codicils
for your relationships,
for life is not about
a decree or an accord,
but a mysterious abstract
to hopelessly fall in love

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah


The guilt ridden steps
slowly approached the burial ground
remorse filled the air
space stiffened with penance

The white daffodils
shrouded the canvas in white
the drizzling rain wiping away
the long treasured writings on those walls

The life long schemes
those unfulfilled dreams
the gorses that lost it flair
the grudges that suddenly disappeared

And all those guarded desires
slowly fainted away
for the cortège last entourage
was on its way

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Don’t Impede That Love

The way you steal a glance or two
through the curls of your hair
blinding your eyes
obstructing that view
And how you kill that smile
ostensibly disappearing
before it can see the sight
in the brightest of the daylight

And when you perspire profusely
in cold mornings
while we shiver and wait
for our bus to arrive

And those pretentious occasion
when the voice dies in your throat
before it can find any distinct flair
forcing you to nervously tap fingers
on that vase by the table side

Everything that you do
and you chose not to do
and every occasion you
impede your love to freely flow
send quivering shocks down my spine
and though I try hard
the emotions betrays me
and invariably shows on my visage

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

To Be a Child Again

Gyrating to the rhythm of the rain,
Smiling in blithe,
jumping and galloping over
creeks and boulders,
carefree insouciant,
those unruly miscreants

The mud splash on the walls
the faces covered with dirt
clothes carrying signs of slime and muck
fun filled moments, a pleasure to watch
while the nature appeared gloomy and dark
what stood apart
was their unpretentious sparks

How I wished
I could have their souls
finding pleasure in life’s trifling moments
no one to answer but one’s inner voice
no binding,
no chains,
none to impress,
no disdains,
I would fly carefree like a wild lark
smile profusely in light or in dark

And to feel such moments,
which has become
a distant memory from the past
I want to become a child at last
with a heart as golden
as of a little child
I will find my peace and,
maybe my lost charm.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

That Stormy Night

And that stormy night
when the deluge came down
without any forewarning
defying the weathermen’s insight

You stood there aghast
unsure what to do
you weren’t prepared for the rain
looking for shelter in that lonely street
all your efforts going in vain

And then I saw you
your linen drape soaked
the lips dripping water
trying to escape the downpour
standing under an oak

The single layer swathe
blending well with your dusky skin,
the moonlit skies
revealing the curves,
displaying with urgency
your sensuous verve

I was so engulfed in your allure
my subconscious mind
ignored your searching eyes
and your curious soul

It was a magical spell
an occult, a decree
I savored the moment
and treasured a lifetime memory

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

The Winter’s Caper

Hey Fellow Bloggers

We are hit by another snow storm today. I grudgingly woke up and headed to the airport to catch my early morning flight. Got in my Uber ride questioning – why so many snow storms? But then I looked outside and I was awestruck by the beauty the nature presented to me. So I composed the below verse(on the plane 😊) Hope you like it and yeah the picture is from my drive today🌸😊

The air today was a tad different
gilded with thin layer of frosty gust,
the trees, the boulders,
and the far stretched meadows,
all shrouded in a blanket of feathery dust

I spread my eyes
agape and astounded
captivating the nature’s caper
wondering how the winter mischievously
showered a deluge of snowdrift
teaming up with the zephyr
in an absolute clandestine way

I stepped out in the cold
wearing my winter gears
and after a moment or two
my hesitation disappeared

For the breeze had a name
the cold had a smile
and when it gently brushed by face
it instilled some thoughts
for my soul to aspire and reclaim

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah


One of my old poems 😊

It is a reverie
A canvas daub with your memories
Now awaken to bitter actuality
I am discerning of your abrupt evanesce

And that withering hope of your appearance
Is dwindling away with the passing time
Knowing I can’t mend it
Making my heart bereaved of your endearment

But not the soul
Never deprive of your thoughts
Though our time was short-lived
The reminiscence is enough to cherish forever

Your impressions still fresh from yesterday
For the time when I am alone
To bring that occasional smile
Drifting me to a reverie

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Her Raging Rife

Her misdemeanor was a raging rife
piercing through her wailing chest
like a fast-approaching bullet
ruthless and fierce

Her ruse in disguise
Had shades of some sarcastic satire
and she spilled those words
through her gnashing teeth
making any beautiful motif disappear

She wasn’t rebuking the world
nor was she detesting any genial thoughts
all she was trying to do
was to protect her tender heart

A heart that had seen
more than her share of remorse
betrayals and distrust
had made her obnoxiously profound

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah