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Enchanting Penchant

She was bewildered,
Running amok,
Struggling to quest,
The rhetoric declamation,
She was left to bequeath with.

The long standing agony,
The pain of letting him go,
Off late with an increased vigor,
Was haunting her time and again.

Little did she know,
That all this while,
He was waiting for,
Just a trail of her voice.

For he pretended obnoxious,
Just so he could lead an unpretentious life,
And she could live a guilt free one,
Without any repent or disguise.

But the penchant they had for one another,
Haunted them,
In their own world,
And unknowingly they paid a price.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Prow Look

Her gleam prow out of her visage,
And her breath made a distinct thrum,
The opulence of her gilded sheen,
Made him appalled,
And enraged in unified hum.

For she consumed his senses,
Yet she was like vapor,
Filled with fragrance,
Displaying magical ardor,
But far from the view of his lenses.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Beyond Prejudice

Maybe she was dissipated,
Indulged in some passionate verve,
Accosting her tripped soul,
Jostling hard to subsume her nerve.

And all you could manage,
Was to do some cheap talk,
Guarding her like a hawk,
And tease her with your disgraced mock.

But the beauty remained in her enthralled charm,
The world didn’t alarm her,
For she was free from all prejudice,
No one could inflict on her any harm.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Past Yore

The heart swelled,
And her essence sparked many hues to evolve,
every tincture had your shade,
Every possibility exuding blessing from above

The odds favored me,
So was my lost love,
With you I had peace,
Like the quietude of thousand doves.

And I lived in that trice,
Didn’t expect anything more,
All I desired was the moments to stay
I had what I need,
Some treasured peace from past yore.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Me Through Your Eyes

And then she smiled,
Like some million suns bursting,
Hues of shimmering lights,
Some yellow,
Few golden,
Colors like amber bright,
Breaking all shields,
Shattering all obstacles,
Piercing the darkest corners of life,
Like raring to meet me,
Through my eyes,
Beaming radiance,
Exploring all brilliance,
Beyond unreal,
Holding a thought,
Pure and simple,
Ready to take its maiden flight

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Social Charade

Gyrating to the rhythm of the social charade,
believing the illusions portrayed were true,
She thus far danced to the world’s tune,
Unsure of possibilities and unaware of any enthralling boon.

And then she met life,
Charming and vibrant,
Far from being poignant,
And her defiant self,
Reluctantly through his eyes,
Gradually saw an escape from her rife,
Liberating from those pretentious shackles,
And experienced what the world called as life.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Breaking The Dawn

And when you would wake,
From your long winding repose,
Invigorating morning freshness,
Induced in your abode,

And as you stretch your arms,
To embrace the moment,
Coercing it to stay.

You read this thought,
and I hope it infuses a smile,
lightning the moment,
and brightening your countenance,
For the rest of the day.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah