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Copyright © Shantanu Baruah



It was way past midnight,
But that’s how time flies,
For he was in love,
And before he could realize,
It was time for her to go.

His heart sank,
Falling rapidly in an endless pit,
Like the ocean’s abyss,
Dark and scary,
He didn’t want to show,
But was unsure,
How to not let her go.

And then with trembling lips,
And a timid voice,
He asked her,
If she was open for a nightcap,
He almost looked away,
In the fear of welcoming any rejection.

But then he heard the magical voice,
Sure, but where,
At your place or mine?

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

The Unspoken Words

With a reluctant heart,
And a crushed self,
With trembling hands,
And a hesitant mind,
She stared at the blank page,
There was so much to say,
So many emotions to display,
But words were defeating her,
Failing her in every way,
For there was a lifetime of love to weave,
There was a future that deceived,
A few pages of letter couldn’t justify,
So she left him,
Without any last words.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Her Grit

The clouds were darker than usual,
Looming over like a lurking beast,
The winds howling loud,
As if ghosts were gathering for a festive feast.

The evening was quieter than before,
The birds chirping with unrest,
The animals looking for shelter,
Every being’s patience was on test.

And in the midst of such cacophony,
Where unrest souls were scurrying for life,
There existed one girl,
Who stood tall to fight and survive.

She braved the gale,
Faced the storm,
Her eyes staring trouble,
Refusing to fail.

The squall dwarfed,
The fear tarnished,
The wind blew gently,
The cloud gave path to the sun.

From that moment,
Everything else became minuscule,
The world witnessed the truth,
That grit could defy any trivial beliefs.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah