With great resistance,
I opened the time forgotten chest,
Rusted and worn out,
The old box held memories firmly in its nest.

It appeared from a different age,
Discolored notes,
Broken memoirs,
As if set for a different stage.

I was reluctant to stir those pensive times,
The suppressed bereavement,
Hesitant to defrost the old rime.

My curiosity still led me to ruffle the treasures,
My anxieties were so muddled it was hard to measure,
Off went the lid,
And the long-held creed,
The pulsating heart,
Emotions hard to impede.

Then I saw the shades of some impish smile,
The guffaws and the ingenious guile.

The memories came gushing,
Like an endless deluge,
The sudden paroxysms,
reminiscence fresh and crude.

I stood there holding to abandoned dreams,
The nostalgic moments,
The bygone scenes,
every oppressed desire,
Surged back so strong,
I surrendered to the moment,
And that’s where I belonged.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

The Cocoon

The cocoon she had formed over time had cracked open. She was aware but consciously ignorant about it. A strange mix of discomfort and anxiousness was forming a deadly potion on her mind. Her sane being wanted to restrict exposure to the wild world, but the devil inside wanted to explore the uncertainties.

She floated in a sea of ecstasy as the first ray of externalities braced her soul. It felt exquisite, different and refreshing, from an otherwise mundane life. For once she wished to use all her might to leap forward, breakaway and free her soul. The new world was waiting with open arms, but will she succeed in breaking free from her cocoon? Only time would tell


All my will to detest your view,
My promise to disregard every shade of your hue,
The strenuous look I scorn all this while,
The drawn countenance and the pensive smile,
Every stance I compel my heart to swear by,
Somehow I convince my mind you are a lie.

But all thoughts wrestles down to a painful defeat,
When I see you sauntering down that street.

Even your gentle whisper,
Makes me drop all my guards,
Leaving me awestruck,
Dissolving all spars.

Though I know it is a deceitful smile,
Yet I ignore every impeding rile.

And I stand there spellbound,
Unsure what to do,
Entwine in your quagmire,
Burning in my self instilled rue.

I Don’t Love You

I don’t love you,
Neither do I want anything to do with your life,
But whenever my mind is unimpeded,
and it carelessly wanders in some cosmic gleed,
Your thought casually comes across and I am unsure why?
And when I repose,
the shade of your infectious smile,

unceremoniously visits me,
and though it is a miscreant,
I gravel why they are so hard to bide.

I don’t want you,
Nor I have any space left in my heart for you to reside,
Yet when I don’t hear from you,
I yearn restlessly,
wonder why I am unable to put your thoughts aside,
And when you decide to appear wearing that wry smile,
imploding strife rejections to every thought I rely upon,
puzzled why I surrender against my wish to your implausible chide.

I detest you,
I despise every thought you prescribe,
But despite all the insanity,
I wish you were here by my side.


Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

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