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Often great strategies fail because of procrastination

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Promontory Rock

The lone promontory rock,
Standing tall in the wild ocean,
With no nearby shore,
In any close proximity,
And standing tall with grit,
With an intrinsic believe,
To weather any storm,
And face any gale,
It stood there refusing to fail.

And for time immemorial,
It braved,
Many battles,
Several wars,
And faced many difficult state,
Rooted but unchained,
Alone but fearless,
Though relentlessly slapped by the waves,
It refused to be its slave.

And all this while,
It relentlessly waited,
For some divine force,
To tame the uncharted paths,
And reach it banks,
To make it their home,
By resting their planks.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah


No one can take the suffrage away from your life,
The last standing hope,
The desire to change,
To break away from any past clasp.

Let democracy be the screaming voice,
Electing your leader,
Let it be your choice,
Voting is your right,
Don’t take it ever light,
For you can chose,
What your community needs,
So don’t shy away,
Follow your heart,
And change the creed.

For a brighter future,
Of the generation to come,
Let you be the change,
Don’t succumb to any monotonous hum.

Go out and exercise your right,
Don’t waste time in trivial debate,
You should set good examples,
For the newer world,
Show your passion,
And the force that makes you hurl.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Valise Filled with Memories

She packed her lifetime memories in a valise,
Put her world in some perspective,
Recalibrate her outlook towards life,
And with a stone face,
And shielded heart,
She marched forward,
With grit and determination,
Never to look back.

While she surged forward,
The small valise she carried was her only threat,
For she was unsure,
Sometimes in future,
If driven by her desires,
If she succumbs,
And open it in haste,
Where would it lead to,
Would she ever sway?

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

The Last Dance

They had so much to say,
But were constrained,
And had so much do,
But were abstained.

The fire was flaring,
with extreme vigor in their heart,
Eyes were defining,
nonchalantly some uncharted path,
But the pronouncement of the so called world,
Were impeding them to break free from some ever winding curl.

And in the midst of,
such apprehensions and reasoning,
The music played at the backdrop,
Pulling them so abruptly they could hardly stop,
While the tango was gently raising the music pace,
Their eyes met with elegance,
And heart melted with some passionate grace,
Before they could realize,
What had struck them,
They were frolicking,
Like smooth swiveling helm.

They didn’t blink,
Their eyes seemed glued,
Their hands tied in a knot,
Their face so close they could hardly abut.

And in that moment,
Every shield was lost,
Every curtain was raised,
And every guard was dropped,

Though no word was spoken,
No promises were sworn,
Yet their silence,
Spread a magical spell,
And that tacit last dance,
It was hard not to adorn.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Stark Naked

I was an open book,
In the hold of her inquisitive eyes,
And she appeared to me like a genealogist,
Turning every leaf of my life,
Exposing every fear,
And all my inner beliefs.

And in that unveil state,
All I could do was,
Let her read my mind,
And avoid indulging in any ridicule prate.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

By the Shores

And I sit by the shores,
Gazing the horizon,
For eternity,
In the embrace,
Of the nature’s fold.

The waves surging with force,
Receding with urgency,
leaving behind some grain coarse,
And the wind prickling my face,
Make my hair flow without its trace.

While the nature,
Keep busy with its exuberant verve,
I perch on the shore,
Giving my mind the tranquility that it deserves.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah