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Pared Vision

She pared her views and ignored his mistakes. He didn’t recede repeating his errors and she kept narrowing her sight. And he gradually diminished from her purview. The compassion they swore by was lost in the turfs of reasonings’ and apprehensions’ sinusoidal waves.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah


Like A Juggernaut

She is a juggernaut,
Difficult to tame,
Arduous to withstand,
Wild yet calm,
Near yet far,
Though Inside she dwell a rising storm,
But her visage has no trace of the mar.

And like a battleship riding the wild ocean,
She roam feral defined by her terms,
She rarely commits,
But when she does she rarely squirms,
Like the juggernaut,
Negotiating turns tens of miles ahead,
Slowing down,
To make that perfect turn,
But when curves,
She tramps ahead,
Swelling with pride,
Taking the obstacles,
Along the ride.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah