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The Unstoppable You

Your grit to succeed will take you places,
And that Midas Touch will glow any insipid soul,
Your purity of thoughts will amaze everyone,
For the universe will be in your control.

The stage is set,
The world is yours,
Go grab it.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah


You Touch Me In Many Ways

You render your pneuma’s vista,
Panoramic and deep,
like a mirage beyond anyone’s reach.

And your thoughts,
untouched and pure,
like the early morning dew reposing on a faraway hill.

You are fierce like the deep blue ocean,
Calm like the snow-clad Alps,
Free like the soaring eagle,
And bold like some gushing gale.

You are the oasis in a rugged terrain,
Fragrance of some flowery bloom,
The hope of a better tomorrow,
And brightness in any dreadful gloom.

And with a soul so brave,
You touch me in many ways.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah