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Saturday morning Bike Ride

It was the first Saturday after a 3 week long India vacation (post coming out soon 😊). The temperature for the past few days had dipped significantly. Although pleasant, I dread thinking about the soon to arrive winter. However, one of the best thing being an NJ resident is we get to see all seasons, and winter, though a little longer, is not that harsh as compared to some of the other northeastern states.

I was awake by 5. While lazing around engaging my mind in arbitrary plans, the thought of bike riding came impromptu to my mind. The temperature was 56F (12C), I contemplated, for  the courage I need to muster to face the coldness was heaving over the comfort of my bed, but eventually I gave in.

About a mile away from my house is a gorgeous nature trail called Delaware & Raritan Canal(D&R for short). The D&R Canal was built back in the 1830s to pull the cargo ships into the mainland water canal using mules and later by the river barrages. It is a 77 miles( 124 KM) long trail running between a man-made canal, a river and deep woods. The trail is also part of the nationwide 3000 miles (4800 KM) of eco preservation route that goes up to the Miami.

My initial plan was to go for a quick loop but the moment I hit the belt, dwelling in the morning mist and serene surrounds, I felt like going for long. And soon I was determined to go cross county. My trip took a little over 4 1/2 hours, crossing 7 cities,with 20 minutes halt and 40 miles (64 KM) of bike run. My best run for the season.

My legs are a little sore, but the feeling of achievement is beyond measure.

First Summer Biking

Hey, dear bloggers hope you all had a fabulous weekend. I concluded the weekend on a high note, for I officially started my summer biking.  I have been biking with my kids since the beginning of May but that doesn’t count, for the speed was slow and it was mostly to go to the nearby park. Today was the perfect day, the family was out for shopping and I went for a loop.

About two miles from my house exist a beautiful trail, called D&R trail. It is 77 Miles (124 Km) dirt road trail that traverses three counties. The trail goes through woods, water canal, and NJ’s natural habitat. I rode for 20 Miles and completed the loop in 2 hours. Please find below some of the pictures I took today.

Thanks so much for your read.

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A Saturday To Remember

I had a packed day yesterday. A Saturday well spent. I woke at leisure and the first thing I did was switching the television on. I got glued to the box watching the England-Sweden quarterfinals. England dominated the game. They ruled the field, completely outplayed Sweden.

Right after the match, I hit the gym. I was done with my weight training and about to ride the treadmill when my son texted me about his plan to go to Duke’s farm for biking. I had been biking for a while and had taken many trails that the beautiful state of NJ offers, but never rode my bike in the Duke’s farm.

The farm is located in Hillsborough, NJ, about 6 miles away from my home. It is a beautiful estate with 2700 acres of wild reserve. The farm is a noted landmark in the area and one of the oldest parks opened for public. Though the place existed for a long time, it was open for public in the year 1912.

I was keen to ditch the bike ride for another time influenced by my desire to watch the much anticipated last quarterfinals between Russia and Croatia. But my love for exploring new place happily won the battle.

I drove directly to the farm(another time, I would have ridden my bike instead) and rented a bike at the park. The bike trail at Duke’s farm was one of the best trails I had ever seen. With lush green forest, dirt road, wild deer, wing expanding herons, flowing stream, picturesque sight, wildflowers and serenity, the trail was one serene ride. The trail stretches about 18 miles crisscrossing the park in no particular order.

My ride trail. The number indicates the miles

After the first 3 miles, the mother and son decided to rest at the barn restaurant, and I went on to explore the wild. I missed my bike as the rental bike had its limitations. I rode for an hour covering about 10.5 miles. Below are some of the capture.

With the promise to come back again, I retired for the day. When I reached home the match was still on(into the extra times) and I enjoyed a great game of soccer. Croatia won in a nail-biting penalty shootout. My day was not over yet, for I had an eventful evening to attend.

if you love Bollywood this might interest you. Salman Khan was in town with many of his co-stars to rock NJ. 💥🌟

I had never seen a live show before. I was skeptical about the whole thing, but man, what a show it was. It was 3 hours of nonstop fun in complete Bollywood style. My wife took the best seats. 😊 We were only 6 rows from the stage and what a spectacular show it was.

By the time I signed off, it was 3 in the morning. 💫✨A Saturday so well spent. How was yours?

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