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If I have to pick one word,
That fascinates me the most,
Keep me going relentlessly,
And forces me to wake up every morning,
To work towards achieving the unachievable,
Is the word HOPE

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Unstoppable Frigate

She was an unstoppable frigate,
Meandering her ways,
Through life’s obstacles,
Like some monstrous brigade.

Despite her rough edges,
She possessed a shining glow,
Like some uncut diamond,
Precious but it never shows.

And she sailed,
Taming the oceans,
And she climbed,
Dwarfing the mountains,
Facing every adversity,
With her sheer guile,
Yet always carrying,
Her wary smile.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Because You Want To

That ever burning fire in your soul,
Will make you shine,
In many shades of radiant glow,
And your refusal to be constrained,
Will guide you to liberation,
Forcing your opponent to surrender and bow.

And Because you want to,
Your determination will shape you,
To what you want to be,

And will take you,
Where you’re destined to go.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Crabbed Visage

It was never easy to decipher her face,
Her crabbed visage,
Displayed convoluted emotions,
And some intricate illusions,
That seemed grueling to trace.

They assumed they could,
Read her mind,
And were pompous,
About their unprecedented find.

She didn’t let them,
Escape from their flawed motions,
Held her countenance firm,
And allowed them to flow,
In some pseudo notion.

For she lived,
In a specter world,
Vulnerable inside,
Scared to be dragged,
In some labyrinth hurl.

And she waited to find that one soul,
Who could comfort her,
Pierce her impenetrable views,
And like some magical spur,
Bolt her away,
From her tangled world.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Promontory Rock

The lone promontory rock,
Standing tall in the wild ocean,
With no nearby shore,
In any close proximity,
And standing tall with grit,
With an intrinsic believe,
To weather any storm,
And face any gale,
It stood there refusing to fail.

And for time immemorial,
It braved,
Many battles,
Several wars,
And faced many difficult state,
Rooted but unchained,
Alone but fearless,
Though relentlessly slapped by the waves,
It refused to be its slave.

And all this while,
It relentlessly waited,
For some divine force,
To tame the uncharted paths,
And reach it banks,
To make it their home,
By resting their planks.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah