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Don’t Hang Your Shoes Yet

Be in a place,
Where you can speak your mind.

Take part in a show,
Where you can portray your best.

Find a reason,
That wakes you every morning with vigor and zest.

And for such reasons,
Don’t hang your shoes yet,
never quit the show,
enjoy the journey and stay.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah


You Touch Me In Many Ways

You render your pneuma’s vista,
Panoramic and deep,
like a mirage beyond anyone’s reach.

And your thoughts,
untouched and pure,
like the early morning dew reposing on a faraway hill.

You are fierce like the deep blue ocean,
Calm like the snow-clad Alps,
Free like the soaring eagle,
And bold like some gushing gale.

You are the oasis in a rugged terrain,
Fragrance of some flowery bloom,
The hope of a better tomorrow,
And brightness in any dreadful gloom.

And with a soul so brave,
You touch me in many ways.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah