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Mental Health

Watch this video to understand the core reasons behind Mental illness. Learn how boredom, suffering, and depression are correlated, and after learning the triggers, how one can help take control of their life.

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Sadness and Depression

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Sadness and Depression

Life becomes beautiful when we find a purpose to live. Often we fall into the trap of boredom and wander like a listless soul when we don’t know what do we want to do with life. And in the midst of idling often we indulge in bad habits and soon we are engulfed with depression and sadness.

To begin with, first, you need to explore your life. You need to find triggers that excite you, find activities which once you are involved you don’t see the clock, a purpose that calms your soul. You can do this by experimenting with ideas. Though ever person trigger points are different, I am giving an outline to get you started.

  • Find a Hobby, the easy and most easy to find what interests you. Writing, gardening, biking – find what interests you. Sometimes you will find a hobby interesting, only to lose interest soon. That is totally fine, keep trying other things. It is okay to explore.
  • Set some life goals, but don’t create an impossible list. Start with small goals, achievable targets. And As you meet them celebrate them. A Sense of achievement gives you belongingness.
  • Exercise, that adrenaline rush will boost your energy level and drive positivity
  • Read Inspirational stories and Autobiographies, books are often the window to ideas, thoughts, and inspirations.
  • Make Friends, even if you are not social. You need that small milieu whom you can trust, vent and share your thoughts with
  • Create a Plan, make a year plan, break it down to monthly plan, then to weeks and then to days. Your mind should be always looking out to what you can incrementally achieve.

If your sadness still continues to exist, see a doctor, seek help. Mental health is as important as physical health and there is no social taboo in asking for help.

I hope this is helpful. I wish you the best

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