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Saturday morning Bike Ride

It was the first Saturday after a 3 week long India vacation (post coming out soon 😊). The temperature for the past few days had dipped significantly. Although pleasant, I dread thinking about the soon to arrive winter. However, one of the best thing being an NJ resident is we get to see all seasons, and winter, though a little longer, is not that harsh as compared to some of the other northeastern states.

I was awake by 5. While lazing around engaging my mind in arbitrary plans, the thought of bike riding came impromptu to my mind. The temperature was 56F (12C), I contemplated, for  the courage I need to muster to face the coldness was heaving over the comfort of my bed, but eventually I gave in.

About a mile away from my house is a gorgeous nature trail called Delaware & Raritan Canal(D&R for short). The D&R Canal was built back in the 1830s to pull the cargo ships into the mainland water canal using mules and later by the river barrages. It is a 77 miles( 124 KM) long trail running between a man-made canal, a river and deep woods. The trail is also part of the nationwide 3000 miles (4800 KM) of eco preservation route that goes up to the Miami.

My initial plan was to go for a quick loop but the moment I hit the belt, dwelling in the morning mist and serene surrounds, I felt like going for long. And soon I was determined to go cross county. My trip took a little over 4 1/2 hours, crossing 7 cities,with 20 minutes halt and 40 miles (64 KM) of bike run. My best run for the season.

My legs are a little sore, but the feeling of achievement is beyond measure.

If Trees Had a Voice

If trees had a voice
And if they could ever make a choice
if they could scream and bellow
had eyes to express sorrows

Maybe their painful screech
would do the much needed outreach
the outcries might thwart human’s belligerent tries
might hold them responsible against their lies

Plant more flora
if you put down one, plant two more
be responsible
be human

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