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Mirage of Illusions

Through the meadows
between those trees
beyond the oceans
across the seas

The soul soared high
soaked in repulsive desires
basked in love
playing with fire

And in the capture
of that momentary trice
it looked heavenly
but was a disguise

She learned soon
in that fickle of time
that the mirage of illusions
was nothing but life

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah


Her Sculpt

The sculpt of her image
is fixated in his vision,
badgering him with questions
he has long resigned from.

And his thoughts leading him
to an unavoidable cataclysm,
but his bellicose grit
fighting hard to make his visage shine.

He abstains from wearing
that pugnacious demeanor,
but the pandemonium breached
his assumed disguised calm.

Such was the apocalypse
caused by woebegone heart,
delirious desires
comes close then peevishly depart.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Her ingenious Smile

The zeal she displayed
had a sparkle illuminating her visage

And the ingenious smile she wore
had the touch of some old yore

The suave in her pace,
her mystical grace,
her captivating presence
her enunciating essence

All the candor she possessed
pulled the mortal souls,
and the specters from the lost world
into an enthralling caper
A wondrous scene
which was never witnessed before

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Your Tactile Touch

Not the verse laced with magical words,
or an act to show me your divine worth,
nor the signs of any lovable notes,
or any precious gift raring to unearth

Neither the mystic rain,
nor the enigmatic sun,
or any seasonal bloom,
or the desirable moon

No such spectacle,
or splendor,
or any occult,
can ever capture my soul

For all you need
to drive me insane,
is your gentle
innocent tactile touch

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

My Open Heart

My heart is always open
for anyone to come and reside,
I welcome everyone with an open mind, without expectations,
or prejudice,
nor laden with any preconceived snide

Some stay for few moments,
few occupy my heart for days,
some come and go at their ease,
and few stays for solace and peace

I never carry any grudge
for the one who chooses to go,
nor judge any for what they say,
as I smile and greet them all,
with no inkling of any expectations fray

But then once it so happened,
when she entered my heart unannounced,
and succeeded in finding the key to my soul,
to remain forever in my pneuma’s enclave

She consumes me in her elixir,
and capture me in her magical spell
at times appears through a smile on my visage,
or chose to glitter through my aberrant eyes

She never leaves me,
even when she decides to depart
She always stays,
even when she walks away from my loving heart

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah