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Live In the Moment

You feel miserable
thinking she is about to leave,

Her thoughts,
her talks,
everything that concerns her,
making you bereave

You are lost in such moments of despair,
your mind a mud puddle,
confused and stirred

And the day arrives
when she finally departs,
you see her floating way
like dwindling image of dawn stars

You realize you have so much left to say,
you reach out but it is a futile attempt,
all in dismay,
she is long gone, disappeared like a blur
and you repent in such moment of spur

If you would have chosen
not to brood alone,
at least her memories
would have been with you
to call your own

Never live in the fear of the future my friend,
cherish every moment
rejoice your occasion
is all I will recommend

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah


The day contradictions succeed
in demeaning emotions,
when juxtapositions in life
makes noble thoughts
suffocate and die

Such time defines
the fall of a relationship,
lifelong bonding shattered
in a sheer moment of time

So, before such tall egos
and unwanted indifferences
turn your relationship sour,
break away from such predicaments,
and never shy away
from being the first to acknowledge
even when it is not your fault

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Wear Your Moment Badge

Every moment that
sweeps you off your feet

And the moments that
helps you attain your lost feat

Coax them,
cajole them,
wear them like a badge,
so, in the moment of despair,
it can remind you of your past small wins

This is the only way
I have learned,
to brave and face
all my past, present and future defeats

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Beyond Love

Every occasion when his blithe
soothes her despair eyes,

Or his smile cajoles her
before she is about to break down and cry,

the feelings,
the emotions,
the relief from the commotions,
all morphing and glittering,
shining and shimmering,
sparking and lighting up her gray laden skies

And she remains in complete awe,
thinking, how can just his simple presence bring such unprecedented joy
giving her reasons to rejoice

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Materialistic Possessions

The miseries of life
somehow gave him an illusion
that the key to happiness was money,
and it was the only source
that could help him achieve
everything he was so far deprived off.

So, he went on a spree,
crossing every barrier,
going berserk
and smashing all glees

He prioritized money over everything else,
compassion and passion,
emotions and love,
for him everything
should lead to earning dough

So, he grossed a lot of moolah,
but it was never enough,
for the race was never ending,
as he was caught in a vicious circle
with no defined finish goal.

The whirlwind of having more
never found a reason to slow,
but in the process,
he lost his own soul.

Then one day when he took a pause
he was aghast to notice
everyone he knew had drifted
from his life’s shore,
no one was there with whom
he could share his pride,
the fancy possessions, the Midas touch,
all appeared vestigial,
things that defined his luxurious lifestyle

Shattered and devastated
he was left with nothing else then to mourn,
for the jewels he owned
was of no use to him,
and laden with deep griefs
he tumbled and drowned

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Facing Adversities

It wasn’t that she didn’t experience fear,
or she had an ironclad guard
to keep away the gale,
nor was her tears hidden
in the shades of some kohl,
or she possessed
an impenetrable hidden soul.

She was none of those superlatives,
yet she appeared beautiful and bold,
for she had the ability to face adversities
by concealing apprehensions
from the inhuman world.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

My Way To Love

Don’t constraint, or refrain,
or think, or abstain,
let it flow in abundance
without restriction, or condition
from heart to soul,
from eyes to pneuma,
let those labyrinth pathways
come and meet,
and liberate
the exhilaration of the most
beautiful thing in the world

That’s how I indulge,
my way to love

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Morbid Heart

Some new thoughts
few new people
some random chores
occupied him
and all the burning fumes
of that unfinished love
remained dormant
in some deep corner of his morbid heart

But the thoughts were transient
acquaintances were insignificant
the chores soon vanished from his sight
and everything he had stashed away
came to haunt his soul
throwing him in some whirlwind plight

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

The Unforgivable Past

Engraved on my mind
with letters in bold
and in some dark maroon gore
are the betrayals that left me aghast
a long while ago.

More I try to erase the unforgiving memories the inscribe becomes
more vivid
reminiscing the treacheries
from the distant past

The helpless state of a muddled mind

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah