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Her Gallant Smile

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Those Dreams

I dream with a sentient mind,
keeping them vibrant in my thoughts,
and at times when it dwindles a bit
I coax them to remain afloat
in the spread of my valiant eyes

I nurture them,
and it stays inside me like a burning flame
raring to go,
ready to leap,
I admire them,
and work relentlessly to make them real

For if I dream with close eyes
I will fail to recall
What I dreamt
in the sublime of a repressed mind

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Golden Memories

He braved his fear
and smiled through his tears
he fought back her thoughts
and disdain his love

Yet she kept resurfacing
from time to time
in whatever he did
and wherever he went

For her grief was not trivial
and his sorrow was excruciatingly deep
As she flowed in his veins
and lived in his breath
in those moments of despair
and between some chapters of his dreams
she remained at large
in every step, and every scene

He knew he wouldn’t succeed
to escape her sight,
so he made a deal
with his fleeting plight

The panacea he found
was a tad hard to believe
for he traded his sorrows
with her golden memories
and kept her impressions
fresh, next to his sight
and ignited his love
with her reminiscence by his side

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

That Mere Name

The other day I met someone
with your name
and all those suppressed emotions,
and disparage thoughts
came rummaging
through my bellowing chest,
escaping my vulnerable eyes,
displaying many shades of hue,
some turquoise,
few cerulean and
some blue,
exposing me to a point
where I was naked
my wounds afresh
and I stood there helpless
drenched in your sweet pain

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah


She appeared abruptly
like summer rain without clouds
he tried hiding,
but couldn’t escape,
and the rage
bellowing from her fierce eyes
accosted him with silence,
and that piercing gaze
turned his countenance
into some shade of pallor,
he was perspiring head to toe
and his jaws were gnashing his teeth,
showing desperation,
to elude and run
but there was nowhere to go,
nowhere to hide,
and he met his fate
for running blind,
and for everything he promised,
but never did
and above all
for leaving her in pain

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah