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The Shield She Wore

She is resentful,
Often wears her rife badge on,
When confronted,
Her rage rapidly burgeons.

He tried everything,
to make her feel at ease,
But even the display of comfort,
Turns her visage into many shades of pique.

The horrid past,
Often puts her in dismay,
But he knows,
One day she will come along his way.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Your Irresistable Sheen

The world was captivated in the nature’s caper,
Where the cloud danced in the shades of sun’s glare,
With the restless waves were crashing on the jutted rocks,
And the palm trees leaned towards the wind for some talk.

While everyone was awestruck with the nature’s glee,
I was lost to a different scene,
The beautiful setup tried hard to get my glance,
But I didn’t give it any surviving chance.

The reason was simple,
As it was supposed to be,
For you were standing next to me,
Dwarfing everything around in your irresistible sheen.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Parallel World

You are dazed,
The turmoil brewing inside is making you amaze,
Unsure of what to do,
You put a charade, but you hardly knew.

For you’re naive not to take his lead,
Departure from your obligations is not what he need,
He didn’t desire to rattle your world,
Neither he wants to capture you in a twisting swirl.

If you give him a second glance,
Your heart will leap like some galloping prance,
All he want is to cherish your soothing chime,
Living in a parallel world, existing at a different time.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah