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What You Made Me To

The harshness of the snow clad mountain,
The ruthlessness of the wintery blizzard,
The brutal ice cold brittleness,
All looks heavenly,
When you witness from far.

So, I warned her to –

Watch me from the distance,
Cherish me from a length,
Feel me remotely,
For if I am within her,
I will be a pain.

And I told her –

I am a restless soul,
A wanderer with protrude knoll,
My touch have edges that is rough,
My rolling tongue spells gruff.

But, she didn’t listen

And approached me with fervor,
Held me close in her arms,
Made my jostled soul to quiver,
And baffled me with her charm.

And then I found

I was not the boulder I claimed,
Nor was a blaze that couldn’t be framed,
And with the passing time,
the rime eased to a soothing shine.

She ploughed my fallow heart inch by inch,
And I transformed to a loving being.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah


Drifting slowly with dragging steps her confused being was wandering along the shorelines. The breeze was blowing cold air bringing his fragrance from a faraway place, not providing any respite to her soul. A seagull was hovering over making some uncanny noise appearing as if it had a story to tell. Right above the bird, a dark patch of cloud was looming, swallowing the evening from the earth’s arduous hold.

Nature’s melancholy was adding further to the juxtaposition of her mind in a ruthless way. In a moment she was a sight of joy and in the next a lost self. A constant battle was building up inside her,  making a futile attempt to reason with the decision she made.

Didn’t she want this? And now when she had, why was she having such despair moments? Her mind was crowded with rational thoughts but her heart was craving for the newfound love. Love that she had realized for the first time, love that was sweeping her off her feet.

In that restless brooding, she started reasoning with her to find measures to calm her restless fervor. She wanted answers, which were hard to find. Was the confusion being how to break away from the prejudice shield she had put or was it breaking free from human defined boundaries? Was the fear of losing her happiness making her nervous or was the shower of unconditional love she found was hard to behold?

What was it? She couldn’t even find any respite despite the peaceful shorelines.  The crashing of the waves or the occasional creak of the seagull, though serene yet seemed like a disturbance to her.

In that moment of despair, she looked up and saw that the breeze was slowly drifting the cloud away giving a path to the evening sun. And the canvas was painted in such colorful spread of hues, it left her in complete agape. The cloud had to give away to the serenity of belief, to the epitome of truth.

And in that spur of moment magic happened, the Seagull, the waves, the breeze all appeared to be in a perfect harmony within the heavenly abode.

She smiled and her worries faded away. She knew a new world was beaconing her, the fragrance of her yearning became stronger and the tremors of love were intense than before. It was a sweet pain and she longed for him more than words could comprehend.

The path in front was not easy but she remembered what they agreed before “we will find our way. We will discover our soul”.

Shades Of You

The tremors of unstated desires,
The guile of unwarranted expectations,
The trembling agog of unfathomable lust,
The epitome of unexplainable allure,
You are that defines the acme of concupiscence.

The serenity of the morning mist,
The hues of the dusky skies,
The clamor of the daylight,
The calmness of the twilight,
You are what life fervently beacons for.

The daring of fearless nomads,
The incredulity of panoramic astral,
The bewilderment of ocean abyss,
The boldness of mountainous tracts,
You define what nature beholds.

The grace of a racing antelope,
The pride of the rising sun,
The purity of a gentle breeze,
The fragrance of flowery hills,
You are the potion that the world wants to devour.

You are the raindrop that meddles with soil,
petrichor raising gently making hearts to moil,
The colors of rainbow define your being,
You are a free-spirited anima with a soul that is clean.

Your smile can make anyone’s day,
Your suave can make the hermit sway,
People commit sin on your name,
And detest their world and earned fame,
You don’t know what you can do,
An ode to a lady of miracle,
Every shade of yours is Sui Generis “signature you“.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Possibility Called Us

If you can lend me your ears, I will tell you about a possibility called us

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

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The Cocoon

The cocoon she had formed over time had cracked open. She was aware but consciously ignorant about it. A strange mix of discomfort and anxiousness was forming a deadly potion on her mind. Her sane being wanted to restrict exposure to the wild world, but the devil inside wanted to explore the uncertainties.

She floated in a sea of ecstasy as the first ray of externalities braced her soul. It felt exquisite, different and refreshing, from an otherwise mundane life. For once she wished to use all her might to leap forward, breakaway and free her soul. The new world was waiting with open arms, but will she succeed in breaking free from her cocoon? Only time would tell