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Speak Your Heart

The biggest of battles can be thwarted,
The worst of the confusions can be erased,
And many unspoken misdeeds can be resolved,
If people give conversations a priority

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Beyond Reach

The universe was within her
The morphing moon,
The endless galaxies,
The astral brightness,
She consumed them all.

She was a force,
A rebel without remorse,
She lived per her terms,
Rules were never her concern.

She danced to her tunes,
She was a God’s blessings, a boon,
A deviant force
Like some mysterious rune.

No boundaries could confine her,
Limitations couldn’t deter her,
neither could hold her to any decree
And she soared achieving the impossible,
Abolishing all creeds.

The wind,
The water,
The elements,
She had all,
The universe was within her so was the world.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Never Give up

The roads may not exist,
The paths might not have been traversed before,
The reality may rattle your being,
The future might put you in an abyss with no scent of spoor.

It doesn’t matter how you feel,
It doesn’t matter where you land,
All that counts is your grit to go beyond.

Beyond your trepidations,
Beyond your fears,
Beyond those inhabitations,
Beyond any queries.

For you have one life and many hopes,
All beaconing your name only if you can hear.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

And when I Saw You

The flowing hair,
The glowing face,
The smile floating like a blissful grace.

The meandering talks,
The shining eyes,
The insane labyrinth of some dwam in disguise.

I sat there agape,
Lost in that trice,
How I wished the moment to freeze for some more time.
The heart oscillated like it had never before,
And the world felt like there was nothing else to behold,

I do not know how to explain,
Unsure whether I should give it a name,
Some call it love and others think it’s inane,

Some brand it,
Others label it,
And few might brandish the thought.

But for me, it was a trance,
a stupor,

an occult,
Hard to express in mere words.


Copyright © Shantanu Baruah


Longing is such a wasted ado. Slowly but surely, it leads you to a defeatist creed. Waiting ruins, craving detest you. It arrests your mind in extraneous perturbations.

Rather be carefree and keep doing what is right. Shed off the burden, you are never tasked to carry it in the first place.

The joy of achieving something without anticipation is much sweeter than gaining anything through the rigorous wait. For in wait time does not fly, for in wait we give away the zeal to try.

So, what would you like to be? A miserable soul or someone whom others can behold.


Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

What You Mean To Me

There were days in my life when nothing seemed right. There were chaos, unrest and moments of despair. When I felt good about nothing. Even the songs I loved seemed like a disturbance. The moon, the stars, nature’s serenity, all appeared to ruin my being. Despite sleep deprived, I was unable to get my eyelids close. The body felt famished yet I detested any morsel. In such utter disharmony, your thought crossed my mind. And it made my desolation entirely insignificant. When everything is wrong, you are the only right.

I remember the day when the storm found its way to my house. The rain was slowly turning into snow and the roads were covered with sleet for a long haul. The supplies were cut and the lights snapped out. The room heat was slowly turning to biting coldness.  The wind gushes were making frightening noises, everything seemed hollow and I didn’t know how long I could withstand the mayhem. Then the wind fluttered the pages of the book we used to read and brought back the beautiful memories of the past. My mind was resurrected from the trauma to a tranquilized imperturbable and it gave me hope to quest the storm. You are the hope that makes me achieve the unattainable.

I was not well and bedridden for a while. The head was spinning and faintness prevailed most of the time. I was hearing voices and people images were appearing blurred.  The body lost all strength and the guts were not able to hold any scoff. My senses were numbed and mind was beyond being sane. Then I drifted to sleep and your faint impression started appearing in those darkest dreams. The heart grabbed new inertia and I floated in a heavenly flight. The panacea started to respond and my mortal resolute was in sight. You are the one who helps me to fight the odds.

Everything appears attainable when the slightest of your thought crosses my mind.