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All I need is Your Smile

I don’t wish for those words
laced with love
that moves my soul
and soothes my being.

Nor do I wish for your touch
that spreads
some electrifying sparks
from my head to toe.

Neither the bearings,
nor the promises,
nor the long walks,
or any joy rides,
I don’t wish for any such worldly leisure.

Not that I don’t desire for such things,
or I don’t yearn for such longing and love,
it is just that I know,
that words may fail,
the touch may turn cold,
the bearings may dwindle,
the promises might break,
the walk, the rides all may vanish,
and I am afraid,
it might leave me with
some undue bereavement.

But one thing I will ask you to always carry
is that twinkle in your eyes
that sparkles and smiles
whenever there exists a slight hint of mine,
for I know
that thought will stay afloat,
over time beyond age,
and that smile
I will hold jauntily
in the folds of memories
today and every moment of my life

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah


Hope Against Hope

Her happiness was
often an illusion
of her miscreant mind

Appearing in disguised shape
encroaching upon
every little space of her heart

Shattering her valiant walls
capturing her free soul
shrouding her smiles in a concealed veil

It was not that she wasn’t aware
or was naive not to understand,
but love as much could empower
also had the power to cloud the mind
with a state of deliriousness

As she watched the proceedings
with helpless eyes
and she drifted along
hoping that the insanity
she was caught in
would also bear
someday an unfeigned sight

And for that day to arrive
she lived
gracing a poignant smile

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Your Tactile Touch

Not the verse laced with magical words,
or an act to show me your divine worth,
nor the signs of any lovable notes,
or any precious gift raring to unearth

Neither the mystic rain,
nor the enigmatic sun,
or any seasonal bloom,
or the desirable moon

No such spectacle,
or splendor,
or any occult,
can ever capture my soul

For all you need
to drive me insane,
is your gentle
innocent tactile touch

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah