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Not everyone can be pleased

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Frigate’s Arrogance

The frigate’s keel was razor sharp,
cutting the unchartered waves ruthlessly,
Like fingers cut by strings of a harp.

The craft was proud of its enormous size,
Ruling the wild ocean,
With a tall stern and a hull beaming with pride.

The pride soon transformed to arrogance,
She demeaned everyone,
As to her no had any relevance.

The other vessels were scared to come in her sight,
For her hubris,
Became everyone’s fright.

The other ships now kept distance for her,
And her disillusioned self,
Gradually made her vision blurred.

One day her pompous self decided to traverse a way,
That was not the path to go,
During the winter days.

Others wanted to stop her,
But they knew what she would say,
So they refrained speaking their mind,
And let her chart the way.

And then they heard,
The frigate’s tragic end,
As the unruly ice cut the keel,
And made her structure descend.

Her conceit and ego,
Was shattered and cowed,
The hull and stern she took pride on,
Dissolved slowly in the oceans shrouds.

She realized as she slowly drowned,
The line between pride and arrogance,
Was sheer ignorance she found.

So before it is too late,
Throw that ignorance out of the frigate.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah