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The Dace

The dace,
Dancing in the stream,
With elegance and grace,

The cold didn’t bother her,
Nor did the alps snow,
For she was meant to swim,
Whether dark or in glow.

And when observed with precision,
You would be amazed to see,
For they swim against the current,
For getting the food that they need.

So when a dace,
With not even a squirt of your brain,
Decide to fight out,
Whether in cold or in rain.

What is your excuse?
To not chase your dream,
If a dace can do it,
What stopping you to beam?

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah


His convoluted figure appeared,
like an aftermath of a macabre,
Dissolved and distorted,
In her convulsed thoughts.

Whether it was a reality,
Or a figment of her imagination,
With determined affirmation,
No one could tell.

Some called it her hallucination,
And few wrote heroff,
but she knew deep within,
It was him beneath the glowing skin,
And waited for the truth to dwell.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Beyond Prejudice

Maybe she was dissipated,
Indulged in some passionate verve,
Accosting her tripped soul,
Jostling hard to subsume her nerve.

And all you could manage,
Was to do some cheap talk,
Guarding her like a hawk,
And tease her with your disgraced mock.

But the beauty remained in her enthralled charm,
The world didn’t alarm her,
For she was free from all prejudice,
No one could inflict on her any harm.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Breaking The Dawn

And when you would wake,
From your long winding repose,
Invigorating morning freshness,
Induced in your abode,

And as you stretch your arms,
To embrace the moment,
Coercing it to stay.

You read this thought,
and I hope it infuses a smile,
lightning the moment,
and brightening your countenance,
For the rest of the day.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah