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Peer Pressure

I don’t drink. Not even as a social drinker. Often I am in a situation where my friends, colleagues tease me for being such a tight ass.

I am health conscious and always watch what I eat. My travel and nature of job often land me in a situation where I get scornful eyes for not indulging. Some even go further and take it as an insult.

I am grown up now, but I had my moments in the past when I almost gave in to such a social stigma. When I surrendered to situations, letting go of my long-held principles, afraid of getting left out. But soon I realized what I was made up of and refused to succumb, for some miscreant mind perturbations.

Hence, growing up I was never part of the coolest group, neither was officially invited to some of the crazy outings nor being popular amongst the popular girls, for my sober outlook was my taboo. A deterrent obstacle that refrained me from enjoying so-called worldly vices.

I won’t lie. At times I was shattered and devastated. My self-confidence was at rock bottom and the sheer feeling of being left out was detrimental. But there was an unseen force that held me together. And I learned to be happy within the realm of my self-governed principles. Soon I realized I was not alone, there were many like me. I understood how I was blurred by some superficial glaze. And how it overpowered all the goodness that existed in the world.

The day my self-realization became strong, I was able to pick the signals from the noise and life was beautiful. I made my share of friends and had my quantum of fun, for the definition of fun is relative, it is an individual perspective. Once you stop running after things because of peer pressure and focus on what actually makes you happy, you will see the outlook I am drawing.

Till today I face the same question from my colleagues and friends and all I do is smile and say to myself, I have my share of happiness. I have nothing against any of the choices my friends make. I don’t detest them or look at them with aberrant eyes. In the end, it is their definition of happiness and I have chosen mine. And both can happily coexist.

So, my friends here is a little bit of advice. Don’t go after things just because you are afraid of being left out. Stick to your principles and enjoy life on your own terms.

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