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Her Absence

The allure of her absence was more enticing than the presence of a million charms.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

One Reason Defying Million Others

You may find a million reasons to abolish the thought,
May be a thousand more to discard what my love would have taught,
You may descry away from my ardor’s overwhelming brim,
Or scuttle your heart in a old tarnished tin.

You can chose whatsoever but at the end,
That one rationale that makes your mind bend,
Would make you ask yearningly why,
You would smile but something within you cry,
And the penitence you exhibit in every deed,
The hollowness would engulfs you in each one of your need.

That one trivial reason,
Would make you sway,
Before you would realize,
It would make you stay.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

You Don’t Speak Your Mind

You don’t speak your mind,
And you pretend to be ostensible,
Befriending silence not giving away any clue,
Holding many storms deep inside you.

And those deep doe eyes,
Always searching and anxious,
Though it appears to stall in a ring,
Yet jutting away with fluttering wings.

And that smirk,
Like you have consumed fear,
With many shades of gray,
Covering the soul to forget the betray.

A hazy convulses of mixed emotions,
Ready to leap but restraining,
Entwine in some bereave grind,
Raring to break free, but you won’t speak your mind.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Parallel World

You are dazed,
The turmoil brewing inside is making you amaze,
Unsure of what to do,
You put a charade, but you hardly knew.

For you’re naive not to take his lead,
Departure from your obligations is not what he need,
He didn’t desire to rattle your world,
Neither he wants to capture you in a twisting swirl.

If you give him a second glance,
Your heart will leap like some galloping prance,
All he want is to cherish your soothing chime,
Living in a parallel world, existing at a different time.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah


I detested her presence,
And erased all her lingering essence,
Pushed away the reveries,
Shoved all the beautiful memories.

And after the ardent toil,
And battling with heart’s embroil,
I did a final search,
Doubting every possible lurch.

And to my dismay,
I found impressions of her name,
Casted on my mind like a permanent frame,
I tried hard to,
erase it all,
But when I failed,
I forced it to stall,
I wrapped my thoughts in a burning flame,
And from that moment,
things started to change.

Her shadow got dissolved,
And her image from my mind were finally absolved,
My mind was free from her humming sound,
And I was happy i found my newfound ground.

But when I was about to set free,
She appeared without any decree,
The wraps were gone,
The flames got doused,
Layer after layer,
She gently roused.

You could erase thoughts and assume victory,
But when the soul was consumed,
The heart would always be an open confetti.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Don’t Get Deceived

She played her ruse and battered his heart,
Shattered but somehow he got to a new start,
And when he was creeping back from the rife,
She found her way to re-enter his life.

With some reluctance he let her in,
The quashed yearning started to spin,
The chaos, the love was by his side,
And he was riding high like a glide.

But one fine day she again vanished from the scene,
He searched everywhere,
She was nowhere to be seen,
His soul was ruffled and his heart was torn,
All he felt was like a left out scorn.

When one define happiness in someone’s eyes,
Often he is left in such disguise,
So keep your heart under your sleeves,
Don’t get so easily deceived.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

What You Made Me Do

You rattled the hornet’s nest,
And all those long restrained emotions,
gushing out,
Surging ahead,
In an unstoppable way.

And now you appeared scared,
Want to escape the deluge,
That came your way,
And now unsure,
Gasping what to do,
You broke his faith,
This time too.

Were you not aware of the aftermath?
Or were you teasing him with your another dark side.

But this time around you got it wrong,
For you would be consumed in the storm,
There would be no escape,
You would be wrapped in the same darkness,
The one in which he was draped.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah