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Eyes Never Lies

If she had the courage to look into his eyes,
She would have escaped his disguise.

But she trusted his words,
And ignored all her sighs.

Naive was she,
For eyes never lies.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

She Tramped Into My Life

She tramped her way,
into my heart,
And I remained unaware,
for all this while I presumed,
it was an annoyance,
Irate nuisance of some kind,
Trying to bulldoze,
And tear me apart.

That’s how she was,
The outward appearance,
Was meant for disguise,
But her inner self,
Was pure and wise.

And she was not meant for all,
Only the one who displayed,
The courage to go beyond her pretend daub,
could enjoy the entanglement in her cobweb.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

The Regatta Race

The sails were adjusted,
The rudders were checked,
The yachts were cleaned,
The mast was steered.

The rowers lined up,
Their faces laced with grins,
Dressed in colorful spandex,
The race was about to begin.

And then the horn was blown,
The boats sailed in seam,
The scullers went ahead with pace,
Consonance of oars were at extreme.

Such was the elegance,
The regatta race brought,
Spectators came in abundance,
In stripped blazers, dresses and polka shorts.

The race taught me a great deal,
Many lessons I had accrue,
Discipline, grace and grit to win,
Are just to mention a few.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Experience Of A Lifetime

Oh! those curious eyes,
And the joyous voice,
The ever rejoinder response,
Every moment to rejoice.

The vibrant heart,
Melting others’ hideous look,
Jutting out with agog,
Walking with life,
In each other’s arms crook.

She exudes restlessness,
Yet never refrain from beaconing life,
She is beyond this world,
One moment she is here,
You blink she disappears in a trice.

Sun, clouds, stars, and moon,
She has all in her fragile hold,
And I watch her agape,
As the surprises gradually unfold.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Unstoppable Stanch

He put everything in his possession,
To stanch the flow of emotions,
Flowing in abundance,
From his doe eyes,

He even tried fooling his mind,
To assume floating in some amnesia,
playing his heart,
In some sleuth of fantasies‘ grind .

But that smile on her lips,
The curly dandelion locks on her face,
And the stirred up shades of love,
Keep resurfacing,
In his poignant memories’ trace.

How he wished to erase them all,
But more he tried,
It revisited him with an increased vigor,
Bringing everything to a grinding halt.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Her Chaotic Self

I love her chaos,
And all her shambolic state,
As she juggles competing emotions,
Cropping on her face,
like a sudden burst of some storm’s spate.

And when she tries pushing away,
Her dishevel hair,
Tucking it behind her scroll ears,
Only to find them spreading,
over her eyes,
crawling from the rear.

I have given up,
Trying to comprehend her rattles,
For she gets upsets,
On trivial things,
Yet letting go,
The hardest of the battles.

As I watch her,
It makes me wonder,
How will I succeed,
Focusing on anything,
Beyond her yonder.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah