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Soul Brimming With Love

You can never wring her soul out of love, for her heart is an abyss brimming endearment that no one can deprive her of.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah


It is a reverie,
A canvas daub with your memories,
Now awaken to bitter actuality,
I am discern of your abrupt evanesce,
And that withering hope of your appearance,
Is dwindling away with the passing time,
Knowing I can’t mend it,
Makes my heart bereaved of your endearment.

But not the soul,
Never deprived of your thoughts,
Though our time was short-lived,
The reminiscence is enough to cherish forever,
Your impressions still fresh from yesterday,
For the times when I am alone,
To bring that occasional smile,
Drifting me to a reverie,
Where I can live with your memories.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah